Vindication Across Time

Cover Design- Working Type Studio- Luke Harris
What will be lost, what will be gained when the dark forces of human nature attempt to obscure truth and justice?


Will Meryl survive the emotional and physical challenges that bombard her world?

Vindication Across Time, the sequel to Across Time and Space, exposes how power corrupts the very establishments  society is called upon to trust and obey. As the wheels of deception slowly untangle, those who were once maligned are vindicated while those who were trusted, face a dark future. Struggling between the worlds of mundane predictable existence, excitement in new places and unexpected encounters, Meryl faces hope and despair head on. Life choices set her on a rollercoaster trajectory, thrusting her into the dark world of international crime and its incumbent legal wrangling in the picturesque city of Florence. Truth, lies and hidden secrets emerge to leave her floundering when her resilience is tested. Vindication Across Time explores the necessity of patience and resilience when the dark forces of human nature attempt to strangle good.

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