Across Time and Space

Evocative Landscapes and Dangerous Liaisons- Set in London and Florence

Would you risk the safety and security of an established profession and a secure relationship to chase your dreams?  Is the intrigue of a newcomer worth the risk and challenges that thrusts the unsuspecting Meryl into a world of international crime?

Across Time and Space set in London and Florence takes the reader on a journey to a villa in a picturesque olive grove, an idyllic creative paradise and unimaginable twists of fate that the protagonist is up against. Will she achieve what she set out to accomplish?

Passion, danger, love, friendship, and mystery all meet in this gripping and unusual novel.  International crime rings, racism, and human rights issues add more spice to an already intriguing and well-researched read.  

-John Morrow’s Pick Of The Week.


Mala Naidoo has spun a web of intrigue where the past entangles the present and her characters face a dangerous and uncertain future. It’s easy to be swept away by this tale of romance, adventure and mystery and a sequel is eagerly awaited! 

Across Time and Space is available through the links below for your reading pleasure with the sequel, Vindication Across Time now available at all your favourite retail stores here!!


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