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Reviews on ‘Vindication Across Time’
The eagerly awaited sequel, ‘Vindication Across Time’. proves to be yet another page-turner. The intriguing web of interconnectedness acquaintances, delicately revealed in small doses skilfully maintains suspense. Each chapter completes a piece of the puzzle, leaving the reader yearning for more. The introductory Shakespearean references reinforce the atmosphere to be unfolded, whether it is in a hospital room, courthouse or a South African village. The complex relationships explored are fundamentally based on honesty, trust and mutual love: The familiar Shakespearean themes with a modern twist. A captivating read for all who may one day bravely dare to realise their quintessential  dream, no matter the cost.
– Good Reads- Tulin Bragg  December 2017

Reviews on ‘Across Time and Space’ by Mala Naidoo

This is a beautifully written work about loving relationships, good times, travel and how naivety can lead into dark places. The principle characters Michael and Meryl are likeable and well-drawn. But tension is maintained throughout as to whether or not their separation is the beginning of the end for the relationship. The end has its violent twists and turns which hold the reader in suspense until the drama is played out.

David Crawford. Author of, The Deadly Serious Republic, The Golden Man, Corner Spiral and The Threads of Time.


John Morrow’s Pick of the Week

Across Time and Space

Passion, danger, love, friendship and mystery all meet in this gripping and unusual novel.  International crime rings, racism and human rights issues add more spice to an already intriguing and well-researched read.

“Can a safe and steady relationship compare to passion, mystery and danger?  When Meryl is confronted with such a lifestyle change, will she choose the safe route?”

“A book is a private companion’


Across Time and Space’– A journey that needs to be taken, leading to chances and choices along the way with a most intriguing conclusion. A rich tapestry indeed. Keeps you guessing to the end…and beyond.

Alison Lewis, Author of ‘Seasons of Life’ & ‘Missing’


Across Time and Space

By Mala Naidoo 

Be careful what you wish for…

Mala Naidoo has spun a web of intrigue where the past entangles the present and her characters face a dangerous and uncertain future. It’s easy to be swept away by this tale of romance, adventure and mystery and a sequel is eagerly awaited! 

Reviewed by Chris McGuigan, January 2017

Kensington Review


 An exhilarating read that delves into the human psyche – one that appreciates  passion for literature, values and other people. The characters are easy to fall for and you often find yourself losing track of time as the pages absorb you. A must read.

– Goodreads- Tarek- October 2017


Across Time and Space was just brilliant. I could not put the book down as the story meandered on intrertwining lost opportunities with mystery and romance. I found the lives of the characters real and real and interesting. The author has captured many of our everyday yearnings and pieced them together into a novel filled with suspense and intrigue. Across Time and Space was a truly captivating read. The cliffhanger conclusion leaves me looking forward to the sequel.

– Goodreads- Samanthra- July 2017


An exhilarating read that maintains suspense throughout. Realistically drawn characters with intriguing situations that reveal the duality of humanity – nobody is perfect but aspire to be the best versions of themselves.

Depth in this novel comes through from the core of relationships and struggles which might be surmountable with the sheer force of will to achieve that which one sets out to accomplish.

A novel that has appeal on so many levels from love, suspense, and unexpected crime situations.

The landscapes invite the reader in with its beauty and terror.

No doubt an engaging read.

         – Goodreads- Siva – April 2017

The ultimate page turner…we can all relate to these protagonists, dreaming about long held desires but not all of us have the courage to act before its too late.

Readers are taken on a journey ‘across time and space’ to experience breathtaking landscapes, family bonds, interesting relationships and workplace harassment. A beautifully written book but we are left wanting more!

           – Goodreads – Tulin – April 2017

A spiritual journey through beautiful lands in search of the self, hopes, and dreams. Intriguing, loving and toxic relationships are framed through literary appreciation of the works of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and poets of the Romantic period.
The movement between the action of the story, literary allusions and the knotted net of social injustice is the journey ‘across time and space’. Loving, caring, family and sincere friends act as a shield, a panacea, for the ills of the world that beset Meryl.
The reader is left wanting to unveil the mystery of the third significant other in the protagonist’s world.
A novel that keeps the reader wanting more.

-Goodreads – Queenie – April 2017

In her debut novel, Mala Naidoo, takes her readers on an enthralling journey across time and space with her main characters Meryl and Michael.

In her quest to rekindle her love of writing, Meryl strays from her long term partner, Michael. She befriends a stranger and puts her life in danger. Meryl’s literary jaunt leads to some unexpected twists

-Goodreads – Logas- April 2017

A tale of authentically drawn characters with experiences that resonate  with readers. Social justice, love and passion are central to the unfolding of the narrative with an ending that begs for the release of a sequel. We are left on the edge of our seats in the closing lines,  filled with questions demanding to be answered. Truly an enjoyable read, your style is captivating. Keep writing for us!

      -Goodreads- Manal  – May  2017

An amazing read. A perfect book that keeps the reading writing more. The characters are so alive and the reader can relate to one or all of them. I can’t wait for the sequel.

-Goodreads-Prani  – May 2017

I just completed this novel, and I have to say I feel in love with the characters and fluidity of the text – the writing itself so easy to follow, so evocative. The character’s passions and worlds are so addictive and sentimental – I see the gentility of Marcia and can hear the voices of those I know. The characters become us, the readers, and I am screaming sequel!

-Goodreads- Khadija Taiba – June 2017


A great read that deals with so many real life issues. The writer captures these issues in a manner that makes you experience the emotions of the characters. Can’t wait for the sequel.

-Amazon – Kalyani Pillay- June 2017

Across Time and Space was a captivating and riveting read. The characters and plot were real and interesting. The cliffhanger conclusion leaves me looking forward to the sequel. Congratulations on an excellent novel and blog Mala!

– Website CommentSamantha

To be able to recognise human effort and spirit and hear voices that echo the wisdom that long creates our sense of self is the key essence of the novel, Across Time and Space. The sentimental and poignant voices of the characters are authentic in their quest for recognition of self and existence, with both protagonists striving for justice both literally and metaphorically. The courage of conviction and liberation may come at a cost, but dismantling the shackles of human limitation is far more rewarding. Across Time and Space proves that the difference between impossibility and improbability is our own fear – abolishing fear and harking into our soul will set us free. 

I truly believe from a reader’s perspective, that’s what the psychological journey of Marcia and Meryl is all about.

 -Book launch-  Khadija Taiba 

Fantastic read. I could not put the book down – the suspense, romance, and adventure had me captivated. Meryl, one of the lead characters, was endearing and engaging. I enjoyed the journey the author took the reader through addressing complex themes. A must read.

-Goodreads- Gwen David