Mala Naidoo lives in Australia with her family. She was born in South Africa during the apartheid era which has been the impetus for her imaginative stories that take on a life of their own when the muse beckons from afar. Human relationships struggling on various levels is her focal area.
Mala has worked as a teacher in South Africa and Australia.  Mala immersed herself in reading novels, plays, and poems from writers of the English literary canon during her childhood –  literature that was far removed from the reality under South African skies.  Each novel, play or poem read, continues to enhance and receive her respect for the inspiration drawn from the artistry of the craft. This made her seek a space in this vast oasis of story-telling and writing. Mala believes that literature showcases the culture and values of its characters, affording readers a connection to a moment in time, an event or conversation that brings clarity to daily existence in a colourful tapestry of the world and its people. When connections are formed, they tantalise the reader and writer to continue the quest for more.

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